About us

Hello, we're amd around music distribution from germany. We are distributor for several cool and well known music products, mainly from the guitars sector. When it comes to LOOG GUITARS we're taking care of the European market. If you are a german speaking customer and you prefer to shop from a german website, simply go to www.aroundmusic.de and navigate to loog guitars. If not, simply go to www.loog.nyc and let them lead you!

So if you're located in Europe and keen on a loog guitar, it might be the best option to order it through our webshop. But as we are a distributor and try to spread the product as much as possible throughout whole Europe, it would be even cooler if you go to your local music dealer, tell them about LOOG and about us. Every european dealer can order loog through us for you, just not everybody knows yet.

If you are a music shop, a music teacher or an institution interested in working with loog guitars and the loog concept, please get in touch with us. Of course we have special prices for resellers. All we would need is your companies data to register as merchant. Then we send you your price list and you are able to order from us!

We are located in a city called Fuldabrück near Kassel, quite in the middle of Germany. From here every loog guitar will find its way to you as soon as possible once you placed your order. We are in business for more than 20 years now, and if you have any questions, our experienced team will help you find the answers. 

Get in touch by calling us or drop an email, whatever suits you better.

Phone: +49 561 2021000 (Mo-Fr 9am-5pm)
Email: info@aroundmusic.de

amd around music distribution GmbH
Oderweg 6a 
34277 Fuldabrück