Kalimba - M18 Duo
Kalimba - M18 Duo

Kalimba - M18 Duo


The perfect Instrument for playing together and finding the same groove! High-grade quality Kalimba with solid cherrywood block and worthy tone pins. 

2x9-Key Duo-Kalimba
Size: 190mmx130mmxH26mm
Tuning: 1. D4,A4,B3,F4,G3,E4,A3,G4,C4
Tuning: 2. D5,A5,B4,F5,G4,E5,A4,G5,C5

  • Handmade Instrument
  • 2x 9 Pins
  • solid Cherrywood
  • long sustain
  • plus free bag